“I have just had the honor of being asked, and I accepted, to join the Board of Directors of Pumpkin Theatre, a wonderful theatre company in Baltimore Maryland that dedicates itself to bringing live theatrical performances to children and adults alike. One of the reasons why I accepted a position on the Board is that it is important for children to have the experience of live theatre. It is joyful, and it introduces them to a creative process that can have significant and lasting impression on their developing brains. It is live performance geared especially for them. So if one of the children can’t sit still or has to go to the bathroom, it’s okay for them to get up with a parent or grandparent and leave the audience. If they need to wiggle around, that’s okay too. That’s what children do. They wiggle, they sometimes sing along, they have to go to the bathroom at inconvenient times. They sometimes make noise. Because that’s what children do. I applaud the following statement made by Kevin Moon Loh, a Broadway lead actor about a mom who did not anticipate that her son would have a melt-down during the performance of a Broadway matinee. Her son is autistic, and he reacted to an emotional scene in the play. I applaud this actor’s sensitivity and understanding.” –Dika Seltzer new Pumpkin Theatre Board Member

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Actor Calls For Compassion After Autistic Boy Interrupts Broadway Play
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