Auditions for Pumpkin Theatre’s 49th Season have already occurred. Auditions for Season 50 will be announced in the Spring of 2017.

A note to young actors who audition for our Kids fr Kids program and their parents: If an actor is not cast, they will not receive notice that they have not been cast. We truly appreciate the bravery of each actor and know that it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there at any audition or callback. Especially for actors just staring out! When casting a play, there is generally no call or email put out to actors who have not been cast. Not getting cast does not mean the audition process did not go well. Not getting cast in no way means that they are not talented, it just means that there was not a perfect part for them in this specific play. Young actors should be encouraged not to take it personally and not to get discouraged. Many factors go into casting that you may or may not be aware of. Often, actors do a great job at callbacks and are still not right for a role in the director’s opinion. The actor’s job is to prepare and do the best that they can do and then recognize that the rest of the casting process is out of their hands.