Our Story

Pumpkin Theatre is among the longest standing theatre companies in Baltimore and is the area’s premiere source for Children’s Theatre. Pumpkin’s mission is to Entertain, Educate, and Empower young children with theatrical productions and educational programming.

Founded as a project in 1967 by Sister Mary Catherine Engers, Pumpkin Theatre began its journey at the College of Notre Dame. Cinderella being the inaugural production, the company took its’ name from the pumpkin that is magically transformed into a golden carriage. The fledgling company started gaining notoriety and found their first home in Roland Park. There have been many changes over the years. Nearly three decades were spent in residence at St. Timothy’s School in Baltimore County where a three hundred seat theater accommodated Pumpkin’s growing audience.

Pumpkin Theatre presents plays for kids, but it’s productions are an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Many parents and grandparents attended Pumpkin shows when they were children and now want to share that experience to the new generation of young theatre goers. Pumpkin produces some of the world’s most familiar stories, sometimes with a unique perspective, but always with positive messages. Pumpkin’s stories provide lessons in empathy, working together as a team and critical thinking. Often a Pumpkin Theatre performance is a child’s first experience seeing a live theatrical production. In addition to popular tales like Peter Rabbit, Sleeping Beauty, and Winnie the Pooh, Pumpkin Theatre presents new works by local playwrights, including the world premieres of Rainbow Crow, and The Girl with Diamonds in Her Eyes.

Pumpkin Theatre has also developed an extensive educational component over the years. Traditionally, Pumpkin offers spring and fall classes as well as summer camps. Introduction to Acting, Comedy, Musical Theatre, and Play Writing classes have all helped our students build confidence, and learn to work together while having a joyful experience.

Pumpkin Theatre’s Board of Directors

Ana Goldseker

Dika Seltzer

Alison James

Susan Morseth

Ann Hackman

Helen Dagilis

Lou Marzullo

Pumpkin Theatre Emeritus Board

Sister Kathleen Marie Engers (Pumpkin Theatre Founder), Mary Louise Kane, Keats Smith

Raine Bode

Artisitic Director

Pumpkin Company

Jeremy Scott Blaustein, Erin Confair, Derek Cooper, Allison Cribbs, Wil Crowther, Jamie Driskill, Mandee Ferrier-Roberts, Donna Fox, Helen Garcia-Alton, Holly Gibbs, Adrienne Gieszl, Robert Harris, Samy Hayder, Kathy Higbee, Sally Kahn, Rebecca Kenton, Kimberley Lynne, Heather Mork, Tammy Oppel, Holly Morse-Ellington, Kelsey Painter, Thomas Peter, Courtney Proctor, Rachel Reckling, Rafael “Spike” Regales, Barney Thomas Rinaldi, Anthony & Elisa Scimonelli, Thom Sinn, Allison Stewart, Jason Tinney, Katerina Tomaszewski, Joan Weber, Laura Weiss & Shelly Work

Pumpkin Seeds

Sofia Alvarez, Reese Bruning, Alex Cashman, Carly Dagilis, Nick Dimitriades, Jules Einhorn, Will Foohey, Eva Hellerback, Raquel Hyatt, Ruby Kinstle, Connor Moore, Clare Peyton, Lindsay Reamer, Graham Rifkin, Brody & Lauren Schrepfer, Lara Shein & Noah Tunis